Rare Heart x Bologna

This collection of pictures of those who support Rare Heart in Bologna. We decided to do a t-shirt with the two towers of Bologna to spread our message of being a willing helping others in need. We haven't the chance to do much here in Bologna but we have spread our mission to others, handed out candy on Halloween, and donated to Bimbo Tu onlus (www.bimbotu.it) who is trying to reconstruct a building in Bologna for service of families with children who have contracted pediatric neurological diseases and solid childhood tumors. [Go to the link if you would like to donate]. We really try to do more but that was all we could do. I hope you enjoy the photos. Thank you Bologna for this opportunity.

Kelvin signing autographs at the Bimbo Tu event

Kelvin Martin supporting Bimbo Tu

Kelvin Martin taking a picture with volunteer helpers of Bimbo Tu

Kelvin taking a selfie with supporters of Rare Heart

Kelvin taking pictures with supporters of Rare Heart

Kelvin Martin dressed as a chef on Halloween handing out candy for free!

A supporter showing the the two tower that is presented on the Rare Heart x Bologna T-Shirt

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