"Let Love COnquer The World.”


What Is Rare Heart?


Rare Heart is about exploiting universal love by placing it on a platform for ample recognition.


Allow me to clarify the previous statement. There are a lot wealthy people in the world that does nothing to help others. On the other hand, you have those who are impoverished that wants to help or will give their last just to help other people. Well, I want to galvanize a diverse magnitude of people, regardless of social class, into helping others. I want people to know that it’s not all about having money and that even the smallest gesture in aiding others can have the biggest impact. To me, that is someone with a rare heart.  



I’ve always wanted to help people and was told to never forget where I come from. Growing up, I didn’t have much but was always willing to give what I could to help others. It’s been a childhood dream of mine to be in a good position in which I could give back and aid other people, not just in my community, but around the world.

Therefore, Together our mission is to use the blessings GOD has blessed Us with, to help Bless Others.